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01 How Did Docunight Start?

In 2014, A group of friends in San Francisco wanted to rent a very small theatre and watch an Iranian documentary there. They put it on Facebook for others to join, and more than a hundred people signed up. Then people from other cities asked to watch those documentaries the same way, and it expanded to 20+ cities across North America.

02 Is Docunight A Company?

No. Docunight operated as a grass-root initiative without legal status. Later on, when the Kiarostami Foundation was registered in California as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Docunight became a project under the Kiarostami Foundation.

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01 What Is Docunight On-Demand?

Docunight On-Demand is a subscription-based streaming service to exclusively stream Iranian documentaries.

02 How Can I Watch These Films?

You can watch them on Docunight On-Demand’s Also, after you subscribe, you can also use Docunight On-Demand’s apps on AppleTV, Roku, and Amazon FireTV. Just search for Docunight in those platforms and install the app. We are working on adding more platforms.

03 How Much Does Docunight On-Demand Cost?

Our subscription is $6.99 per month.

04 Is There A Minimum Commitment For Signing Up?

No. You can cancel your subscription at any time

05 Which Countries Can Subscribe To See These Films?

We have international distribution rights for all of our films, except for Iran, Docunight On-Demand is available to anyone in any country with an internet connection, except Iran.

06 How Often Do You Add Films To Your On-Demand Library?

We are continuously working on adding more documentaries, and expect to add 3-5 titles every month.

07 Instead of Subscription, Can I Rent or Buy The Film Online Without A Subscription Service?

No. Our On-Demand service and films are only available to our subscribed users.

08 Did You Get These Films Legally? Are Owners Of These Films Getting Paid?

Yes, we sign non-exclusive online distribution contracts for all films you see on our platform and pay them distribution fees.

09 When Do You Add On-Screen Titles to On-Deman?

There is no specific timeline. Online international distribution for On-Demand requires a completely different contract than a one-time screening license for North America. Sometimes we may get both contracts, sometimes not, so we can’t guarantee a specific time for having our On-Screen films on our On-Demand service.

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01 What Is The Difference Between On-Screen and On-Demand?

Docunight On-Demand is our monthly program to screen documentaries in real locations in the real world. On-Demand is our subscription-based streaming service.

02 So What Is The On-Screen Online? I’m Confused!

Because we don’t have our On-Screen events in all cities, and because people may miss going to an actual screening, we decided to add an “online theatre”, where our On-Screen title is available through a link for 3-days only.

03 I Missed The Screening! Can I Watch It On Docunight On-Demand?

No. These are two separate services. Check the On-Demand section for a more detailed answer.

04 I Am An On-Demand Subscriber. Can I See On-Screen Films Online For Free?

No. As we explained in the On-Demand section, we have separate distribution contracts for our On-Demand and On-Screen services, and can not mix the two.

05 Where Do I Watch On-Screen Films Online?

When you buy tickets for On-Screen, you get a link to watch the film. The online screening service provider, Eventive, also has an Apple TV app which you can use to watch films you buy ticket for.

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