Docunight Posts

September 2019

Shot almost entirely inside the confines of their tiny office, The Broker conveys a sense of claustrophobia that mirrors many women’s situations and offers a shocking, tragicomic reminder that the fiercest agents of the patriarchy aren’t always men.

September 2019

An Iranian girl got adopted by a Dutch couple and left Iran to the Netherlands to start her new life. She starts a personal journey to her motherland Iran for the first time to meet three families who claim to be her biological family and to find out about her Iranian identity and culture.

August 2019

Inspired by an ancient Hormoz Island myth in which people sacrifice clothes of the deceased to the sea so that the goddess Sea-Mother will cleanse their souls, Janbal takes stories told by the island’s dwellers as its starting point and playfully finds its form from there.

July 2019

A personal look at Faezeh Hashemi, daughter of Iran’s powerful former president, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani,​ is the most news-making woman in the Islamic republic’s history.

June 2019

Flax to Fire depicts the life and work of Aliasghar Hajibaba, an elite Iranian industrialist and entrepreneur.

May 2019

“Puzzley” is the name of a four-member group of IT students who, in spite of suitable job opportunities and the opposition expressed by their families, want to start up their own business.

April 2019

‘October 13, 1937’ is a documentary about Iranian-Armenian maestro Loris Tjeknavorian, an Iranian Armenian composer and conductor.

March 2019

Seventy-year-old Ali Aqa’s large, fleshy hands shake as he helps a newborn pigeon chick hatch. His pigeons, which he keeps on the roof of his home, mean everything to him.

February 2019
December 2018

With more than 4000 death sentences in 45 years, judge Azizmohammadi not only has a record in issuing death sentences in Iran, but also in the world.