#9: Park Mark | “Mory” Wants A Wife

Park Mark
2010 / 42 mins
Directed by Baktash Abtin
Screening: October 28/29 

'Park Mark' follows the life of a man during one night, roaming the streets of Tehran, stealing from charity boxes that are installed all over town. This story takes place after he is back from the US where he had committed two murders for which he served considerable jail time.

Mory Wants A Wife

2009 / 42 mins
Directed by Baktash Abtin
Screening: October 28/29

"Mory" Wants A Wife is about a man named Morteza, AKA Mori. The film documents Mori’s struggles with the issues of living in poverty and with his utter sexual frustration as a single man living in Iran.


Baktash Abtin (b. 1974) is an Iranian screenwriter and film director. As a secondary school graduate he quickly published three books of poetry and then began experimenting with the film medium: he wrote scripts and featured in television productions.

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how can we send a documentary film for your review? 408 313 9733

Please send the information to info@docunight.com

#8: Be Like Others

Be Like Others

2008 / 74 mins
Directed by: Tanaz Eshaghian
Screening: September 23 / 24

More than 20 years ago, Ayatollah Khomeini issues a fatwa to make sex change permissible for “diagnosed transsexuals”.  ”Be Like Others” is an intimate and unflinching look at life in Iran through the eyes of young men choosing to undergo sex change surgery, Be Like Others explores the implications and sacrifices of those living on the fringes of an Islamic society.

Tanaz Eshaghian was born in Iran in 1974 and emigrated to the United States shortly after the 1979 revolution.  After making “I Call Myself Persian” (2002) and “Love Iranian-American Style” (2006), Eshaghian returned to Iran for the first time in 25 years for her début feature-length film “Be Like Others,” a provocative look at men in Iran choosing to undergo sex change surgery.

"Be Like Others" premiered at the  2008 Sundance film festival and went on to win the Teddy special jury prize at the Berlin Film Festival as well as the ELSE Siegessaule Reader’s Choice Award and was nominated for and Emmy award. It has been invited to over 30 film festivals worldwide and had its US television premiere on HBO in June 2009.

 In 2011 she finished “Love Crimes of Kabul”, a documentary shot inside a women’s prison in Kabul Afghanistan focusing on “moral crimes” for HBO.

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When/where are these shown?

for complete information about each screening’s exact date, time, and location, please check out facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/docunight

#7: The Law In These Parts

The Law in These Parts

2011 / 90 min.
Directed by Ra’anan Alexandrowicz
Screening August 27, 2014
[San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, Toronto, Washington]

  • World Cinema Jury Prize Documentary, 2012 Sundance Film Festival
  • Special Jury Award, 2012, Full Frame Film Festival
  • Special Jury Prize, 2012, Hot Docs Film Festival
  • Best Documentary, 2011, Jerusalem Film Festival

In “The Law in These Parts”, acclaimed Israeli filmmaker Ra’anan Alexandrowicz has pulled off a tour-de-force examination of the system of military administration used by Israel since the Six Day War of 1967 — featuring the system’s leading creators. In a series of thoughtful and candid interviews, Israeli judges, prosecutors and legal advisers, who helped devise the occupation’s legal framework, paint a complex picture of the Middle East conflict and the balance among political interests, security and human rights that has come with it.

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where in DC does the documentaries take place(location in DC)?

We don’t have a fix venue in DC yet, but a couple of weeks before each screening when we announce the program we have the venue information in the post.  Please check our Facebook page and group for details on each screening:



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Bad Shans Hamid Saeed My Name is Negahdar Jamali and I Make Westerns 19 Plays

#6: My Name Is Negahdar Jamali And I Make Westerns

My Name Is Negahdar Jamali And I Make Westerns

2012 - 65 mins
Directed by Kamran Heidari
Screenings July 30, 2014
[San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, Toronto, Washington]

"My name is John Ford and I make Westerns" this is how John Ford introduced himself at the American Film Directors’ Association gathering. Negahdar Jamali, an Iranian from Shiraz introduced himself the same way when Kamran Heidari first met him without knowing John Ford that well: "My name is Negahdar Jamali and I make Westerns", he introduced himself with self-confidence and without any weakness in his statement; not in the Monument Valley or in the Grand Canyon but in Shiraz and the deserts surrounding the city. He has been making Western films continuously for the past 35 years under hard conditions, and this film is about the struggle with his family, friends, society, and others to make what he likes the most in his life “Western Movies”.

Kamran Heidari was born in Gachsaran, near Shiraz in 1977. After receiving his Diploma he started making films and attended classes for making documentary films for 5 years. All his documentaries and photos are about people from his region Shiraz (Fars). “I am Negahdar Jamali, I make Western Films” is his first long documentary.

#5: Lady of the Roses & Back Vocal

Two Documentaries by Mojtaba Mirtahmasb
Screening: July 2, 2014
[San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, Toronto, Washington]

Lady of the Roses
2008 / 52 min
Directed by Mojtaba Mirtahmasb

"Lady of the Roses" is the name given to the late Shahindokht Sanati, a lady who went to the Lalehzaar region of Kerman before the Islamic revolution. She replaced poppies with roses and opium with rosewater, and took this so far as to transform the agricultural destiny of a whole region. The story is told by Homayoun Sanati, Shahindokhts spouse, three years after her death. He is the founder of Franklin Publishing, Offset printing house, Pars Paper Co. among others and is considered a one-of-a-kind figure in Irans culture, industry and management. 

Back Vocal
2004 / 40 min
Directed by Mojtaba Mirtahmasb

Capture the struggles of contemporary Iranian singers and musicians working to be heard in their own country. Back Vocal explores Iran’s prohibition, since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, of female solo singers. Mirtahmasb says: “Three years of roaming among musicians of Tehran resulted in two films centered on the theme of restrictions on music in Iran. Back Vocal tells the story of women singers whose unaccompanied singing is forbidden by religious laws of the country, but who nonetheless try to remain active, even if that means taking the second seat. I knew from the beginning that such a film would not get permission to be screened, so I never applied for a permit.”

#4: Kahrizak, Four Views


2012 - 86 min
Directed by Rakhshan Bani Etemad, Mohsen Amiryoussefi, Bahman Kiarostami, Pirooz Kalantari
Screening: May 28, 2014
[San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, Toronto, Atlanta, Washington DC]

Four directors of different ages and levels of experience, each present a view of the Kahrizak Charity Centre, introducing us to fascinating characters and rituals, and a reflection on life and death itself. Presented in episodes, we are introduced to the situation of the elderly; a blind and disabled man without hands and legs, who performs Hamlet; and the Centre’s Feast of Sacrifice.