Docunight Posts

July 2014

Shahindokht Sanati replaced poppies with roses and opium with rosewater and took this so far as to transform the agricultural destiny of a whole region. / The struggles of contemporary Iranian singers and musicians working to be heard in their own country.

May 2014

Four directors of different ages and levels of experience, each present a view of the Kahrizak Charity Centre, introducing us to fascinating characters and rituals, and a reflection on life and death itself.

April 2014

For three years, Mehran Tamadon immersed himself into the very heart of the most extremist supporters of the Islamic Republic of Iran (the Bassidjis) to understand their ideas.

March 2014

With unprecedented access to Shargh at the time Iran’s leading reformist newspaper. Taghi Amirani goes behind the scenes with the paper’s young journalists as they went about their job of reporting and commenting on a wide range of social, cultural and political stories.

February 2014

Statues of Tehran interrogates the function of monuments in today’s Tehran, an ideology-ridden postmodern megalopolis, afflicted with forgetfulness.