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February 2017

Six Centuries, Six Years portrays the endeavors of a group of Iranian master musicians who are trying to locate, restore and record a repertoire of compositions attributed to Abd al-Qadir Maraghi, a prominent composer who lived six centuries ago and greatly influenced the Middle Eastern classical music.

December 2016

A documentary about the lives and memories of six residents of one street in Tehran: The current ‘Si-ye Tir’ or the former ‘Qavam-o-Saltaneh’ Street, located in District 12 of Tehran.

November 2016

“Relationship” is a documentary about short-term relationships among young adults in Tehran, where emotional relationships don’t seem to work very well, and people don’t seem to be satisfied with their relationships anymore.

October 2016

Mahlagha Mallah is Iran’s eldest environmental activist and the founder of the first environmental NGO in Iran.

September 2016
August 2016
July 2016

An epic love story of an American and an Iranian gay couple. Alex, a former Peace Corps volunteer, spent a decade living in Iran (1967 – 1977).

June 2016
May 2016

An unfinished story about the Mohammadi family. The father was an enthusiastic and faithful supporter of Mojahedin e Khalq (MEK) for more than 30 years and he encouraged his daughter to join this organization in Iraq when she was 17 years old.

April 2016

Ali’s 90-year-old grandfather always told his family, “A Turkman without a horse is not a Turkman”. Following in the family tradition, Ali trains the sturdy creatures for a grand race in a northern Iranian province.