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May 2018

Mehrdad Mehdi, one of the pioneers of street music in Iran, decides to get his old band members together to start a street music festival in Tehran.

Watch what takes place in Tehran from sunset to sunrise when most people are deep asleep! A stunningly beautiful visual journey through the lives of Tehran’s night shift.

December 2017

In 1971 three young musicians set out to perform the euphoric rock’n roll and Latin hits of their time on the stages of Tehran.

Javad Yassari’s songs are emotional roller-coasters of love, loss, and loneliness.

November 2017

An intimate look at the hopes and struggles of a handful of young Iranian wrestlers as they prepare for the biggest event of their lives; the world championship in Europe. It’s a social tale set against the qualms of committing one’s life to a dream at a young age.

October 2017
September 2017

Born and raised in Iran, Afshin Naghouni suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury during a birthday party in Tehran when he fell from the seventh floor of a building while trying to escape from Iranian police.

Max, one of the millions of immigrants in the world is trying to find his Promised Land.

August 2017

A young Iranian couple gets divorced after eight years of marriage, but they decide to continue living together in the same apartment to hide the news from the wife’s religious parents who won’t tolerate the idea.

July 2017
June 2017

This is the story and history of the longest street in the Middle East that expands 17 km from the south to the northern parts of the city of Tehran.

May 2017
April 2017

If 18-year old Sonita, a refugee from Afghanistan, had a say in things, Michael Jackson would be her father and Rihanna her mother.