Docunight Posts

April 2019

‘October 13, 1937’ is a documentary about Iranian-Armenian maestro Loris Tjeknavorian, an Iranian Armenian composer and conductor.

March 2019

Seventy-year-old Ali Aqa’s large, fleshy hands shake as he helps a newborn pigeon chick hatch. His pigeons, which he keeps on the roof of his home, mean everything to him.

February 2019
December 2018

With more than 4000 death sentences in 45 years, judge Azizmohammadi not only has a record in issuing death sentences in Iran, but also in the world.

November 2018
October 2018

After receiving a BA in French literature from the University of Paris, Shirin Parsi returned to Iran but decided not to live in the megapolis capital, Tehran.

September 2018

The Season of Warm Breezes’ follows a teacher in Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan Province who tries to eradicate illiteracy among female residents.

‘Weavers of Imagination’ recounts the life of a number of visually-impaired people who weave rugs together and how the simple fact of working together fills them with a great sense of happiness.

August 2018

The life of Tahirih Qurratu’l-Ayn, a woman of letters, the effect of whose presence on women’s equality movement in the 19th century in Iran.

July 2018

Three arthouse docudrama films about a well-known musician (Soleyman Vaseghi, a.k.a. Soli), a painter (Gholamhossein Nami) and a poet (Reza Baraheni).

June 2018