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#47: Exilic Trilogy

Directed by: Arsalan Baraheni
2015 / 74 mins
Persian with English Subtitles

Exilic Trilogy consists of three arthouse docudrama films from Arsalan Baraheni, the exiled Iranian-Canadian filmmaker based in Toronto. The films present a well-known musician (Soleyman Vaseghi, a.k.a. Soli), a painter (Gholamhossein Nami) and a poet (Reza Baraheni). The films are biographical, poetic and musical, colliding with social, political and philosophical manifestations.

The first film is called “Light and Sound”, starring Soleyman Vaseghi (Soli), a well known Iranian musician who was forced to leave Iran after the 1979 revolution when music got banned by the regime. The film is about the light within the mind of the artist and the sound which he produces through his music in exile.

The second film is called “Frame & Wall”, starring Master Gholamhossein Nami who is known as one of the most important Iranian painters and visual artists. He simply had no political reasons to leave Iran but left for social purposes and ended up in Canada. The film is a visual art poetry which deals with the frames and the walls of this outstanding Iranian painter.

The third film is called “Alchemy & Dust”, starring Reza Baraheni, known as one of the greatest Iranian poets. He was forced to leave Iran about 20 years ago when he was blacklisted after signing a letter regarding the removal of censorship in Iran. This poetic docudrama is shot by Baraheni’s son, who suffered exile with him. The film is about the colliding of a poet and a filmmaker, a father and a son, the poetry and the camera.