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#21: I Want To Be A King

Directed by: Mehdi Ganji
2014 / 70 mins
Persian with English Subtitles

Abbas has a dream: a dream that one day, he will be king of a tribe that will be revered by people the world over. The trouble is, he’s got a pretty busy day job. After two German tourists stumbled into his hut in nomadic Iran and left having much enjoyed the hospitality, he began an eco-tourism business that a decade later is thriving. But Abbas is convinced that his destiny lies in establishing his tribe, and is spending more and more time trying to realize his vision – including taking a second wife to be queen. Unfortunately for Abbas, his bitter and hardworking first wife and kids – who keep his business running smoothly – are not at all on board with his plan. Single-minded in his focus, garrulous, stubborn, self-absorbed, and emotional, Abbas is on the verge of big change – and begins confessing all to director Mehdi Ganji.

Born in Iran in 1978. Mehdi Ganji is a 2002 filmmaking graduate from the Tehran University of Art. Having specialized in imagery, he started working as a cameraman and film editor in fiction films and in documentaries, working with various Iranian channels and International networks and television like Newsweek, Arte and etc. He is a member of Iranian Documentary Film Society. He won the best director award in the Fajr Film Festival for I Want to Be a King.