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#17: Iranien (Iranian)

Directed by: Mehran Tamadon
2014 / 105 mins
Persian with English Subtitles

Hollywood Reporter writes:

“Iranian expat documaker Mehran Tamadon brings a European sensibility and sense of humor to a surreal encounter he engineers by inviting four bearded defenders of the Islamic Republic of Iran to debate basic issues with him, like the need for women to wear headscarves and freedom of the press. Even if the outcome of their discussions is easily foreseeable, the concept is irresistible. Yes, there are small chinks in his guests’ ideological armor, but the East-West positions are discouragingly fixed. What would have made this small doc exceptional is some significant breakthrough in cross-cultural understanding, some off-guard moment of doubt, which never happens.”

Mehran Tamadon left Iran at the age of 12 and moved to France in 1984. The son of active Communists, he studied Architecture in Paris. In the year 2000, he returned to Iran for four years and worked as an architect. Since 2002, he has given his career a distinctly artistic orientation. During an exhibit of conceptual art at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, he showed an artistic installation called “From the eyes of a stroller”. In 2004 he made his first documentary, Behesht Zahra/ Mothers of Martyrs.  His fir long documentary, Bassidji (2009), is about the defenders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Basiji was screened at Docunight in April 2014.